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Youm-e-Pakistan, a.k.a the Pakistan Day is one of the commemorated days in the country. People all over the country celebrate it on 23rd March upon remembering the independence resolution. It was passed in the year 1940, and after seven years of continuous struggle, the Muslims of subcontinent got freedom. Since it’s a day of celebration, people throughout the country go shopping to enjoy themselves. Just because you love shopping on this day, Buyoye.pk is bringing an amazing discount of 23% off on all the products. Brace yourself for the most exciting deal in the country!

What is Youm-e-Pakistan?

Youm-e-Pakistan is an urdu translation of the Pakistan Day. The 23rd March is a historical day in Pakistan. The reason for its celebration is the resolution that was passed on 23rd March, 1940. It laid the foundation of independence for the Muslims of the subcontinent and gave them a separate ideology. The Muslim politicians and philosophers put forward the ideology that the Muslims should have a land of their own where they could live independently and practice their religion freely. Once the resolution was passed, all the Muslims of the subcontinent worked in unity and made the dream come true. As a result, they got a separate land on 14th August 1947 and named it as Pakistan.

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