Covid-19: Buyoye.pk is Taking Safety & Health Measures for Its Customers

buyoye.pk adopting health and safety measures for corona

The year 2020 has been a great challenge for the entire world so far, and the surprises haven’t ended yet. We are left with just one option for shopping, and that is to buy things online. However, it, too, needs a lot of safety measures and you have got to be careful while ordering and receiving products. Buyoye.pk that is one of the biggest online stores in Pakistan ensures safety and health measures, not only for its employees but for its customers as well.


Twenty-twenty will be marked in history as one of the most catastrophic years in the world. The COVID-19 hit the globe in the beginning and a lot of countries, including Pakistan, are still suffering from its calamity. Every aspect of our lives has been changed, and so has the shopping trends. We have been advised, and then, forced to stay home and stay safe for the past four months; therefore, we are now too much dependent on web buying. Online shopping in Pakistan has always been in trend, but it has reached its peak in the past few months. However, e-commerce businesses, especially Buyoye.pk ensures that its customers remain safe and sound during the pandemic. Below are the few measures it has taken to protect its buyers.


Alerting and Guiding its Customers

Unlike other digital marketing places, the Buyoye.pk team ensures that it keeps updating its buyers regarding the risks and factors involved in online shopping these days. The web stores are hiding this fact that it’s full of risks to avoid a decline in their sale, but Buyoye team keeps the health of its customers on top. It keeps updating its buyers about the risks involved in buying things via the web so that they take precautions accordingly. It was expected to decrease sales, but the story went the other way around. Buyoye online store observed an influx of buyers during the past months and the customers are giving even better reviews than before.


Ensures Each Product is Carefully Sanitized

The office building is disinfected and cleaned daily and each employee is provided with face masks, gloves, and sanitizer. It isn’t just for the employee himself, but it is also linked with the health of customers. When the inside environment is clean and secure, there will be a minimal risk of catching the virus. Moreover, to make the ground even safer, each product is carefully sanitized before dispatching. The person responsible for the delivery is also asked to wear gloves and sanitize his hands before handing it to the delivery service.


Buyoye.pk has also requested the delivery service to make things favorable for front-porch dispatching. In this way, there won’t be a one-on-one contact between the shipper and the customer, but rather, the order will be left at the door. The buyer will be informed via the call or SMS about the ordered item, and s/he will first disinfect it, wash his or her hands, and then open the product.

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